As well as being a sax man for hire I also do mobile recording.   I have a small set up that I am building for each new project that I do.

I can bring the set up to any environment and record live or as a session with bed-tracks and overdubs.

OR I can bring you into a studio that I’m set up at.

OR Both!!  If you have a place you want to record your drums or vocals thats specific or the whole band and then add tracks later like BG’s or Horn lines and solos (which i can do as well- all saxophones and flutes as well as a myriad of percussion instruments and piano)

Also I have an extensive list of musicians that are close at hand at the studio ranging from classical trumpets, mariachi bands, cuban and brazilian percussionists, and marimba percussionists.

And much much more…

Maybe you have some ideas that you just want to get into a workable setting or you want to record a demo or full length album.

I love the creative process and am an avid student of the sound arts.

Give me a call and lets see what can become!

take a listen to London’s Burning from a children’s album that I recorded, mixed, co-produced, and laid down the flute, soprano sax, and some backing vocals on.



Logic Pro 9

Babyface Pro A/D Converter

Motu 8pre

Black Lion B173 Quad Preamp

Slate Digital VMS-1 Preamp

4-710d Universal Audio Twinfinity Pre Amps

ART tube Pre amp

Coles 4038 Ribbon

AKG c414 st matched pair (2)

Slate Digital ML-1 Large Diaghram Mic

Slate Digital ML-2 condensors (2)

Apex 210 Ribbons (modified with Lundhahl Transformers) (2)

Apex 185 condensors (3)

Apex 435 LDC

SM 58, 57 (2)

ATM 63 dynamic

D112 kick mic